Wednesday, December 08, 2010

After 5 Years....

It's time to say goodbye. Although I may update it from time to time, I am now turning my full attention to R-Squared Comicz. With my current schedule, I will not be able to regularly update both. For those who've visited, commented, supported, or followed Speeklife through the years, I want to thank you. I wanted the blog to be a place where I could think through some faith-related issues, and gain a deeper understanding of God and Jesus as a result. After five years, I can say with confidence that I have indeed grown in how I view the world, others, and myself as a Christian. To close this chapter properly, here's an overview of Speeklife during these five years:

Favorite posts by year

(1)The drought in Malawi, Africa (the motivation behind creating the blog)
(1) Everyone playing their part? = Reflections on the movie "V for Vendetta"
(2) Access (Not) Granted = The lack of visibility for Christian hip-hop
(3) Minority Report = Christian influence in contemporary society
(1) A Beacon of Light = Harmony Dust
(2) Loving to Agitate
(3) An Interesting Way to Look at Intercession
(4) The Truth of Inconvenience
(1) Following the Evidence
(2) Process-Oriented
(3) Hip-Hop & the Gospel
(4) Extreme Measures (Reflections on an episode of "Wife Swap")
(5) In the Zone
(6) Fearful Consumers
(7) Words, Worldview, & Works: The Search for Consistency
(1) When It's All Said and Done (Leaving a legacy)
(2) Sight-Seeing
(3) The Sin of Silence
(4) Hunger Pains (The Vampire Phenomenon)
(5) The Fruitfulness of Falling Back
(1) A Few Thoughtz: Da Truth, Tye Tribbet, and the Ambassador (pts. 1 & 2)
(2) A New Year's (Re) Solution
(3) Missing the Big Picture? = Christian Response to the Haiti Earthquake
(4) A Few Thoughtz: The Book of Eli
(5) So What's in a Story (pts. 1 & 2)? = Individual testimonies

Stories that really grabbed my attention

(1) Thirty-seven pound woman and husband give birth to 3 pound baby boy, after having two prior miscarriages (2006)
(2) A 5-year-old girl testified against a man who shot her when she was 3, and tells him that she forgives him (2006)
(3) Hundreds of letters to God were found in the Atlantic Ocean. They were addressed to a minister at a Baptist church, but never got there (letters found in 2006).
(4) A man finds out he has HIV while going through seminary training (2006)
(5) Myspace helps a woman find her brother's body (2007)
(6) Man risks his life to save another at a NY subway station (2007)
(7) Million father march comes to the west coast (2007)
(8) Grapevine's coach asks parents prior to their game against Gaineville State if half of them can cheer for Gainesville. He did this because Gainesville State is a correctional facility, and play all of their games on the road (2009)
(9) Teacher save's a student's life (2009)
(10) Church plays a huge role in reducing the local crime rate (2009)

Types of posts
(1) Media with a Meaning
(2) Holding it Down (features people, organizations, & institutions doing great work)
(3) Bible Verse of the Moment
(4) Hip-Hop Verse of the Moment
(5) Random "Why" Question of the Moment
(6) News Updates
(7) A Few Thoughtz (book and movie reviews)
(8) Marvel-ous (reviews of marvel comics and reflections on characters)
(9) Featured Artist
(10) Other (reflections on various topics & issues)

Final thoughts/comments...

*When looking at some of the earlier posts, some pictures and embedded material will be missing. This is due to some configuration changes made about a couple of years ago, and because some of the embedded material (e.g., imeem) was from a company that's no longer functioning.

*Again, I want to thank everyone who has been apart of this amazing journey. For those currently following the blog, as well as those who are visiting for the first time, check out what I have going on at R-Squared Comicz, and stay connected if interested.

Take care, God bless, and as always, speekonit...


queentemi said...

bye speek life! We're going to miss you. So long...

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