Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Track of the Moment: "Shut us Down"

Peace and blessings,

I drove down to LA this weekend for my sister graduation, and about 80% of the time I was in the car, I was playing Sho Baraka's "Lions and Liars." To say this album is amazingly dope is an understatement. The song that is the focal point of this post, "Shut Us Down" feat. Lecrae and After Edmund, is a lasting jolt of encouragement for those who try to lovingly and accurately represent Christ, in the midst of being criticized and marginalized on various levels. The song lets us know that God was, is, and will forever be in control, and the clearest piece of evidence of this fact is that his authentic message of love continues to spread and change lives here and abroad. Below is Lecrae's verse, which in my opinion is one of the best Lecrae verses I have ever heard:

"I write to tell truth/don't write to save face/born in H-town/got the words to save Face/'Christian' means/that when I eat the beat I say my grace/If only God can judge you/how you plan to beat the case?/Can't beat it/Mike Jack couldn't either/all you get is one life/can't rewind or repeat it/I...will do this 'til the day I take my last breath/beautiful feet/I'm running 'til I take my last step/there's nothing they can do to stop what the Lord's doin'/come in the kitchen/take a look at what the Lord's brewin'/radio don't play us/television mock us/the truth is still spreadin'/there's no way they can stop us/pharisees throw stones at my glass house/but they don't see their own reflection when they bad mouth/you can lie/you can hate/you can run us down/but in the end the gates of hell couldn't shut us down/"

-"Shut Us Down" - Sho Baraka feat. Lecrae and After Edmund

What do you think? God bless, stay tuned for more tracks, and speekonit...


Matt Blick said...

I think it's an amazing album Reach Records just seem to keep knocking them out!

I'm giving away Lions and Liars and DJ Official's Entermission on my blog

Thoughtz25 said...

Hello Matt, thanks for the post! Yeah, Intermission was great as well! I'll check out your blog and post the link on Facebook. Stay blessed and encouraged!