Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Track of the Moment: "The Rising"

Peace and blessings,

The next track I want to feature from Sho Baraka's "Lions and Liars" album is "The Rising," featuring Trip Lee and Erica Cumbo. The song is about (1) the magnificence and power of Jesus' life, (2) being empowered with the light that lives within us, and (3) using that light to impact the world. Below is Trip Lee's verse, followed by Sho's last verse:

"When we say the Son is out/what you really mean?/
Aye, let me make it plain/let me spill the beans/
God sent His son just to intervene/
'Cuz were were walking dead like that Thiller scene/
You want things to be better/but it's still a dream/
What God already started/He's fulfilling things/
And without Him I am still a fiend/
But instead I'm trying to walk in that light like Mike in Billy Jean/
I was all about me/what a tricky thing/
I was just trying to get ahead like a guillotine/
But now I'm following the Head He's the realest thing/
He lived and rose bro/but He died in between/
So if you want some evidence that He was really seen/
Look at the lives of the guys....(seen/scene)/
And we've opened up our eyes bro/we've been redeemed/
Praise God the Son is out/I can feel the beam."

- Trip Lee

"Look at folks in other countries believe/
He walked on water just to reach overseas/
Yeah, he's fully God/Fully man/
They thought the Son was down but He would rise once again/Let's go!...
The Good Sherpered/the barn was His birthplace/
Who else you know could stop time with a birthday?/
Many people live their lives just to get doe/
Watch the Bread of Life rise/without the yeast though/
Joy to the world/gift to all the people/
Best Christian rap you'll hear/without a beat yo/
The way we view the Son is so feeble/
That's why we live backwards/yeah we so evil"

- Sho

Thoughts? Take care, God bless, and speekonit...