Thursday, May 06, 2010

So What's in a Story? (Pt. 1)

Peace and blessings,

It's probably hard to find a person who does not like a good story. Regardless of the genre of the story or medium through which it's told, people love a good story. Since stories about people speak to the human experience, it makes sense that one story could "strike a cord" and pull in people from all ages, walks, and regions of life. Jesus knew this all too well, as He communicated some of the most profound truths about life through parables...

Along these lines, I wanted to put you on to Youth on the Rock, a Christian video ministry whose focus is to spread the love of Christ through telling stories. These stories highlight the ups & downs of life, and how they relate/contribute to the human experience. Below are a few videos I've recently checked out:

(1) First video is set to Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes," and focuses on someone trying to see others the way God sees them:

(2) The second video is set to Matt Maher's "Alive Again," and tells the story of a guy who finds hope in Christ after losing his family:

(3) The third video is set to Jeremy Camp's "There Will Be A Day," and centers around an alcoholic father who decides to change for his family:

What you think? Until next time, stay blessed and speekonit...

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