Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Man of God: A Primer

Peace and blessings,

Since copping Viktory's newest album, Son of the King (2009) last month, I have not been able to put it down. He's been one of my favorite rappers since I was introduced to him via his last album (Believe it Now) and that album was a banger as well. His newest album, however, is even better than the last. Click here
for a brief bio, and herefor a review of his latest album.

On the title track/album intro (titled "Son of the King"), Viktory lays out what it means to be a man of God. Getting this album at the end of '09 was a blessing for me, as it has reminded me of the importance of continually striving to be a man of God, and the struggles and triumphs inherent in such striving. The lyrics are below. Stay blessed, encouraged, and speekonit.

Everybody stressing me out/this life is demandin'/
This is what a man is/see if you can handle it/
Food shortage/they blame you for the famine/
Son wanna eat/he ask you for a sandwich/
No matter the draw/you are the canvas/
Right where you stand is/keys to the planet/
Peace for the frantic/
Rise young man rise/so you can bring peace to the panic/
Speak like a cannon/fire and you standin'/
Show'em what a man is/see if they can handle it/
World's going dark/only you can re-candle it/
You can rekindle it/no you no benefit/
How we get Jena 6/self is the nemesis/
Why we sit/and just repeat Genesis/
Everybody hatin'/God's world no immigrants/
Rules are in order/but unity is limitless/
Man with a mission/gets trapped in the tenements/
Locked by the sentiments/of high class membership/
Now he can't remember if/God called him to top/
God called him to stop/God called him or not/
Mind in a pretzel/the future is a letdown/
Generation now/we keep going the next mile/
Wit 'em all/we can't let'em fall/
Just keep doing ya thing/God's waiting on the sons of the King/
And that means you!

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