Sunday, November 08, 2009

Heavy Rotation: Britt Nicole, Warren Barfield, and Lifehouse

Peace and blessings,

Below are a videos for a few songs that I currently have in heavy rotation: (1) Brit Nicole's "Lost Get Found," (2) Warren Barfield's "Love is Not a Fight," and (3) Lifehouse's "Broken." The first video is a result of Brit Nicole taking a road trip and asking God to put people in her life to share the gospel with during that trip. I think it's a great example of authentic Christianity: demonstrating Christ through our life and the love we show for others. The second video comes from the movie "Fireproof," which is about a couple having marital problems, and the husband uses the "Love Dare" to help him love his wife the way God intended. The third video appears to be about someone reflecting on their life, making the distinction between a life with meaning and one without. Enjoy, share your thoughts, and God bless...

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