Sunday, November 08, 2009

Heavy Rotation: Britt Nicole, Warren Barfield, and Lifehouse

Peace and blessings,

Below are a videos for a few songs that I currently have in heavy rotation: (1) Brit Nicole's "Lost Get Found," (2) Warren Barfield's "Love is Not a Fight," and (3) Lifehouse's "Broken." The first video is a result of Brit Nicole taking a road trip and asking God to put people in her life to share the gospel with during that trip. I think it's a great example of authentic Christianity: demonstrating Christ through our life and the love we show for others. The second video comes from the movie "Fireproof," which is about a couple having marital problems, and the husband uses the "Love Dare" to help him love his wife the way God intended. The third video appears to be about someone reflecting on their life, making the distinction between a life with meaning and one without. Enjoy, share your thoughts, and God bless...

A Few Thoughtz: Archangels: The Fall

"We battled without ceasing, but there was little hope. Swords could not buy redemption, and for every victory there were a hundred defeats. And yet we persevered, trusting that The Almighty would do what His Host could not. Man was cursed, doomed to slavery and the chains of the Dragon, save perhaps, for the grace of the Almighty. And so we warred...and waited...and hoped..."

- Archangels: The Fall, Book 1
(Commenting on the aftermath of Luficer's rebellion in heaven and His fall to earth)

Peace and blessings,

The above quote is taken from Archangels: The Fall (2002), the prequel to Archangels: The Saga, which was discussed a few weeks ago. Told from the perspective of the Archangel Michael, the story details Lucifer's fall from heaven, the subsequent "havoc" he wreaked on earth, and his defeat through Jesus Christ's resurrection. The entire story is made up of a trilogy, with each book focusing on a pivotal aspect of the origin and defeat of sin.

In Book 1, Lucifer basically gets power hungry and tries to undermine God's authority. While his other brethren in the Host try to convince him to see the error of his ways and to fall back in line with God's will, their efforts do not yield the intended results. Not only is Lucifer convinced that his lust for power is justified, he managed to garner a following of angels who are "gassing him up" so to speak. As a result, a war breaks out in heaven, with the Host, the Lord's servants, fighting to defend heaven against this new demonic threat: Lucifer and his minions. The Book ends with Lucifer (now referred to as "the Dragon") and his minions being cast down to earth, losing their place alongside God in heaven...

"I thought of the babe in the arms of His mother, I remembered a boy taking His first steps, and in the midst of the battle I wept. The Dragon saw this and the earth shook with his laughter. His demons joined in the revelry, they were intoxicated with the triumph of their dark master. Though the Host was heartsick with grief and loss, we stood our ground against them as they fell upon us, shouting with mad exhilaration. Truly, it was the Dragon's hour. I knew the Son of God had fulfilled His purpose, but to me, at that moment, it felt like a defeat."

- Archangels: The Fall, Book 2
(Commenting on the life of Jesus as He lay dead on the cross)

Book 2 focuses on how "busy" Lucifer was on earth, first deceiving Adam and Eve and subsequently orchestrating a devastating wave of sin that penetrated the lives of every born human. This period is marked by constant fighting between the Host and Lucifer and his minions, with the former trying to keep humanity within the Will of God and the latter trying to deceive humanity into choosing anything and everything but God's will. Then Jesus is born and everything changes. Although the Host knew that the Son of Man was to come to earth to save humanity and conquer the Dragon, the way He was treated on earth often led members of the Host, especially Michael, to doubt whether or not Jesus' life would mark the defeat of the Dragon, and his hold on humanity...

"So many sacrifices had been made, but in the end, they were justified. Every prophet's word was confirmed, every promise fulfilled at last. For man was finally free from bondage, and though the Dragon would surely unleash his wrath upon them until he was bound himself, the Redeemer had given them the means to fight back against the evil of a fallen world. For every believer that he slew, ten more would rise against him, proclaiming the resurrection of their risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Until one day, the King of Kings would return in power and in glory at the command of the Most High. And I, the Archangel Michael, would be there at his side."

- Archangels: The Fall, Book 3
(Commenting on Jesus' resurrection and defeat of Lucifer, and the implications for humanity)

Book 3 concludes the story with Jesus' resurrection. The power of Jesus' resurrection is depicted on many levels. On one level, His resurrection meant that humanity now had a sure way to overcome the influence of sin. By trusting in Jesus, the One without sin and the chosen Son of God, humans would no longer be slaves to sin (or Lucifer), but would be free to live their lives the way God originally intended (in accordance with His will). On another level, the resurrection renewed the faith of Michael (and probably other members of the Host), who may have felt confused and defeated when Jesus died, and Lucifer appeared to had won. Now seeing the fullness of God's plan for humanity, His beloved creation, Michael was infused with a type of strength from and faith in the Lord he had never felt before...

The end. As with Archangels: the Saga, I would recommend reading this trilogy. Until next time, stay blessed and speekonit...

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