Thursday, September 24, 2009

Verse of the Moment: Sho Baraka

Peace and blessings,

I came across this line while listening to a Mix Tape by a Sho Baraka, and thought I'd share it because it's sick! The free mixtape that this track came from, as well more info on him and his lyrical comrades the 116 Click, can be found at their record label,
  • Reach Records.

  • Stay blessed, encouraged, and speekonit..

    "Other brothers call themselves(?) God they just fake/Jesus come back all white Bronco like OJ/To smash all defendants/you guilty not acquitted/no lies/he did it/and the glove/he fits it/all for good purpose/He do it for redemption/and to prove His power over those who dismiss Him/"

    - Sho Baraka
    Freestyle to Ambassador's "Get You Open"
    Off the Barakology Mixtape

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