Thursday, September 24, 2009

Holding it Down: Earnest Graham

Peace and blessings,

As someone who is an avid comic book reader, I'm always looking for new, creating stories to read. In particular, I have been looking for more Christian comic book artists and Graphic novelists to read. Among the ones I've found (which I will include more information about in another e-mail), I came across Earnest Graham, a graphic artist and a Priest, whose current work involves translating biblical stories into graphic novel form. I've included his graphical depiction of the parable of the sower, so you can get a sense of his approach. More info on his work can be found on his
  • blog.
  • Furthermore, you can see his graphical depictions of
  • Jesus' parables and the book of James here.

  • I think using the comic book and graphic novel formats to illuminate the truth of God's word is a fantastic idea, as it has the potential to speak to a wide variety of people. It also provides the opportunity to illuminate these truths in a way that is relevant to the interests, issues, and concerns people have today. I recommend everyone check them out and if interested, he has pdfs of his work available to use for ministry purposes (just make sure to give him credit).

    What do you think? Is the comic book/graphic novel format a good way to reach people who may not be keen to the more traditional methods of delving into the bible? Why or why not? Until next time, take care, stay blessed, and speekonit...


    Unknown said...

    Earnest's stuff is very well crafted and adapted. If you enjoy that, you might want to check out my Eye Witness graphic novel series, which presents (in a very creative and out of the box fashion) the story behind the birth of the Christian faith (See:

    Thoughtz25 said...

    Mr. Luedke,

    Thanks for showing the blog some love. I'm familiar with your "Eye Witness" series and I plan on picking them up soon.