Tuesday, August 25, 2009

An unexpected Visitor

Peace and blessings,

Last week, I was at a cafe getting some work done. In particular, I was typing up notes from articles that I plan on using to prepare for my oral exams this fall. I was pretty productive for the first two hours, so I decided to take a mini break and read some comics at a neighboring comic book store. I planned it to where I would have a good two hours after the break to get some more work done. After returning to the cafe from my break, however, things did not go as planned. I basically spent the next 1.5 hours struggling to understand an article that I was reading, only to decide that I was not going to include it in my notes. And for those who know me, they know that a huge "tick" for me is setting aside a set amount of time to get stuff done, and that stuff not getting done in that allotted time.

Once home, I told my wife (verbally, and also by the downed look on my face), about how disappointed I was that I was unable to be productive those last two hours. She assured me that I was still productive even though I was not pleased with the outcome, but that assurance went through one ear and out the other. Today was also the day that my wife was going to play Taboo with the neighbors two doors down from us. I told her as she left that after I eat, I'll stop by. As I'm making my salad, still kicking myself for blowing it at the cafe earlier, my wife comes back in the apartment to get something, and says "I brought a guest with me." Given my pity party, the only thing I wanted to do was eat and chill. Obviously, God had other plans...

A little 9-year-old boy came in, who I've never met before, and immediately started talking to me. Once my wife told him I was her husband, it was if he had the green light to ask me a ton of questions, lol. Initially, I'm thinking to myself that (1) it's late, (2) I'm hungry and (3) I'm still upset about earlier, so the last thing I want is for some kid that I don't know, to be in my kitchen telling about his favorite video games. As established in the previous paragraph however, God had other plans...

Once I realized that this little dude's hear to stay, I took more of an interest in what he was talking about. After talking about video games, he asked if he could play my Nintendo Wii, because he loved that system. After talking a little more, he said something to me that, while on the surface may seem like an ordinary complement, but I took it as slightly something else. He said that "you're cool" at first and then a few minutes later, said "you adults are cool" (referring to my wife and I). It struck me because I think at that point, it became clear that him coming over was exaclty what I needed to get out of the mini funk I was in, and to redirect my focus back to God. I love how children are so open and honest with people, and speak their minds. Although I'm glad he thought that I was cool, I don't think that my approach to him prior to that comment warranted that statement. I initially wanted him to leave me to my salad and moping, and thus after receiving the compliment I felt a little guilty.

I eventually realized that him showing up was God's way of reminding me not to get bogged down by the little things in life, and not to let minor things have a major impact on how I interact with and show Christ's love to others. As one of the pastor's I listen to on podcast says, God reveals things about Himself through people, which is why reflecting Christ in our relationships with others (those we know and those we don't know) is so important. I'm just glad I realized the "bigger picture" before the boy. If I didn't, then feeling bad for not being productive at the cafe would have paled in comparison to how bad I would have felt for having the opportunity to reciprocate a 9-year-old's generosity and "coolness" but instead chose not to.

What do you think? Have you ever had an experience similar to this, or to the one I posted about
  • on the same topic
  • nearly two years ago? Take care, stay blessed, and speekonit...

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