Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Things to Pray For: Women's Rights in Patriarchal Societies

Peace and blessings,

Before I begin, I want to say that I am well aware of how women in many countries throughout the world are denied a voice and basic rights. Furthermore, it is an issue that I have yet to pray about on a consistent basis, but that changes now. Recently hearing about how
  • Shiite Husbands in Afghanistan can legally starve their wives
  • has reminded me of how there are many things I take for granted living in the United States. With that said, women are still oppressed in this country, and we still have much work to do. But knowing that a man has the legally-mandated power to deprive a woman of food is beyond disheartening.

    I do not mean to disrespect another's culture, or to pass judgment prematurely, but starving one's wife because she does not want to have sex with you is wrong, point blank. I pray for the women who are affected by this law (and all women who are oppressed), that God will protect and liberate them. I also pray that God will change the hearts of the men in the society who support and enforce this and other oppressive laws. Through the way He ministered to women, Jesus showed us that to love someone is to cherish and honor the whole person, and with that understanding that no one "holds power" over the other. I pray that the message of Jesus spreads in Afghanistan such that husbands treat their wives, and in essence men treat women, the way God designed for them to be treated.

    What do you think? Stay blessed, take care, and speekonit...

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