Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Heavy Rotation: Nichole Nordeman and Bebo Norman

"I want to leave a legacy/How will they remember me?/Did I choose to love?/Did I point to you enough to make a mark on things/I want to leave an offering/Child of mercy and grace/Who blessed your name/Unapologetically/And leave that kind of legacy"

- Nichole Nordeman
"Legacy" from "Recollection: The Best of Nichole Nordeman"

"I will lift my eyes/To the Maker/Of the mountains I can't climb/I will lift my eyes/To the Calmer/Of the oceans raging wild/I will lift my eyes/To the Healer/Of the hurt I hold inside/I will lift my eyes/Lift my eyes/To you"

-Bebo Norman
"I will lift my eyes" from "Between the Dreaming and the Coming True"

Peace and blessings,

Since I've taken somewhat of a hiatus from hip-hop and have been listening to contemporary music lately (however, I'll be back on the hip-hop tip real soon because I miss it!), I've been exposed to many different musicians from a variety of backgrounds, including country, alternative, worship, and so forth. What's been interesting is that the more I listen to the music, the more I've noticed that although the music is Christian, each artist's music tend to focus on a unique aspect of the Christian faith. In other words, the more I open myself up to Christian artists, whether contemporary or hip-hop, the more I'm convinced and reminded that God speaks to each of us differently, and as a result, each of us relate to and worship Him differently. One artist may have an album focused primarily on relaying the love of Christ to others, while another artist may have an able focused on embracing redemption after falling from Grace.

The two quotes above are from the choruses of songs that I have in heavy rotation. Furthermore, each of these songs speaks to a particular aspect of my relationship with God that I have been thinking about lately. One aspect pertains to the type of legacy I want to leave behind when I got to be with Christ. I've been blessed with a wife, family, friends, gifts, and opportunities, but what matters is what I do with them. The second aspect pertains to me constantly having to remind myself that God has everything covered. Where my humanity is limit-prone His divinity is limitless.

What about you? What song do you like to listen to that speaks to an aspect of your relationship with God? Take care, God bless, and speekonit...

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