Sunday, August 02, 2009

DWYL: Rapper Edition

Peace and blessings,

For the past two summers, I have been blessed with the opportunity to see some of my favorite Christian hip-hop artists, who make up the group the 116 click, perform in concert. This year, their theme was "Don't Waste Your Life." To this end, they put out a series of video commercials for their tour, a couple of which are below. Also below is a video sermon by John Piper, which summarizes what it means to not waste one's life, and that served as the "intro" for the concert. More information on the tour, their music, and their ministry can be found at
  • Reach Records.

  • Check out the videos and share your thoughts. Take care, God bless, and speekonit...


    Anonymous said...

    I love Lecrae's song that this tour is based off on. I really love the energy and the message he brings to it. It reminds us all how urgent it is to make sure that our lives are in line with God's will. Thanks for always sharing insight!

    Thoughtz25 said...

    Thanks for the support!