Monday, August 17, 2009

The Christian Mafia?

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A secret group of powerful and wealthy individuals seek to rule the country. No, this is not the opening lines for a new movie, but it's apparently the description of a super-secretive group called the "Family." Jeff Sharlett, a reporter who was able to gain access to the group, wrote a book called "The Family," where he lays out their origins and principles. Click here to hear him talking about
  • Jeff Sharlet talking about"The Family."

  • Aside from the fact that
  • another name for the group is the "Christian Mafia,"
  • I am without a doubt "scared" that such a group as this. The first thing that bothers me about this group is that they seem to be distorting the bible, arguing that Jesus' gospel is not about loving, supporting, and advocating for the poor and voiceless, but about accumulating power and wealth as a means to spreading "the gospel." Anyone who reads the bible (Christian or not) with at the minimum an open heart, would know that not to be true.

    The second thing that bothers me about this group is that they provide further support for the idea that historically ("The Family" apparently began in the 1930s during the great depression) and in many present instances, Christianity has done more to harm humanity than to help it. Further, they claimed to be doing this harm in Jesus' name. By working to improve my relationship with Christ, I have been able to strengthen my relationship with Christ by realizing that there is a difference between accurately understanding Christ's teachings, and interpreting the bible in a way that suits one's fancy. It seems clear that this "Family" is doing the latter.

    I don't see how if we truly loved God with all our heart and loved our neighbors as ourselves (the 2 commandments that sum up the 10 commandments, and the 2 commandments that Jesus stressed the most), we could believe that wealth and power is the way to spreading Christ's message. I pray that for those of us who know that loving God and loving others is the only way to reach others and draw them to Christ, our lives will disprove any and all distortions of the bible that may pop up.

    What do you think? Take care, God bless, and speekonit...

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