Monday, July 27, 2009


“I’m serious/how I’mma laugh at ya’ll?/my heart been broke twice plus fractured ya’ll/
I had to give to the Master ya’ll/and now, I gotta give it to the masses ya’ll/
I used to think love was blind too ya’ll/”till I put on my spiritual glasses dawg/”

-Japhia Life
Beatmart Recordings: Best of the Submissions vol. 1

Peace and blessings,

In February, I decided to finally go and get my eyes tested. I've been meaning to do so for the past couple of years, but never got around to it. At times I would have difficulty seeing signs from a distance while driving, so I figured that the more I put it off, the higher the risk I run of reacting to something too late while behind the wheel. After getting tested it was determined that I was near-sighted, and that I need glasses to help me see things better while driving.

This post is not about my thoughts on or reactions to getting glasses. Instead, I want to talk what I observed from the optometry clinic, and how I feel that God used my time there to speak to me about what it means to be a Christian and maintain relevance in, yet be distinct from the world. First, it seems that just as the purpose of physical glasses is to help us see things more clearly, the purpose of spiritual glasses is to help us see ourselves, others, the world, and God more clearly. As Christians, we are called to live our lives by way of our spiritual glasses. I'm sure we can recall a time when God allowed us to view a situation with a certain clarity that we ourselves did not "see" before we gave that situation to God and asked Him to see us through it.

There two feature of physical glasses that I also believe are features of spiritual glasses. The first feature is that physical glasses helps us see things further down the road. Similarly, our spiritual glasses allow us to to see things "further down the road" in the sense that we can clearly see the spiritual consequences of certain decisions before they are made. The second feature is that physical glasses allow us things that are close in proximity with more clarity. When watching channels in High Definition (HD), my pops often says that the picture's so clear that "you can see the pimples on their face." Viewing things close up with physical glasses gives the same effect, as we are able to see people's facial features and features of various objects in closer detail. Similarly, spiritual glasses allow us to have a certain insight into people or situations, where we are able to view the spiritual aspect of the situations we are in. For instance, there are times when we're in a situation or social setting that on the surface seems completely normal, yet we feel something tugging on us saying "something's not right" or "I should not be here."

The second thing I noticed about the Optometry clinic was that many (and possibly all, lol) of the optometrists working there had on glasses themselves. It immediately struck me because there are not many places where the people who "treat" people (1) had experienced or is experiencing the same thing as the person they are treating and (2) are openly wearing their "treatment," as doing so allows them to better help others. What I took from that was that as Christians, we have to "wear" Christ to where we are evidence to others that Christ is real, and that he heals any problems we had, have, or may experience. By doing so, I believe that people will see how God is always working in and through our lives.

What do you think it means to have spiritual glasses? How has your spiritual glasses helped you to better deal with situations? Until next time, stay blessed and speekonit...

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