Friday, March 21, 2008

Holding it Down: Samuel Rodriguez and the NHCLC

"The Latino, African- American, Anglo and other ethnic segments of the church must go beyond the mindset. Pastor Nick Garza, an Assemblies of God Pastor in Sacramento, Ca. sees the functional structure of this web site as the anti-thesis to successful biblical outreach. " is a world wide internet phenomenon because it enables the subscriber to determine who has access to his/her profile, pictures, stories and information. In other words, unless you have been given access, you can't come in. Only my friends, who share my interests are granted access. All granted of course if you initially become a Friend of Tom (Tom being one of the co-founders of this virtual social networking site). Accordingly, the Church has operated under a model. As long as Christ is our default friend, we are somehow allowed to build our own space with limited access to include only those who we know or permit."

-Samuel Rodgiguez, "Latino Friends"

Peace and blessings,

I came across an interview with Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference (NHCLC) a while back, and was really feeling what he had to say. He talked a lot about the social justice aspect of Christianity as well as the political trends of Hispanics throughout the country. Check out the links below to learn more about Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, the NHCLC and their position regarding immigration reform, which according to him is just as much (if not more so) a spiritual issue as it is an economic and political one.

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  • He's the First Speaker at the revival:

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