Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Random "Why" Question of the Moment

Peace and blessings,

Here is a question that dawned on me today while picking up a prescription:

Why is it that doctors' handwriting is often illegible?


Cherise McB said...

Hey J,

Could be a couple things:

1) they write a whole lot of prescriptions, all the time, so they just want to do it quickly as possible

2) it's part of their strategy for keeping their practice just-that-much more inaccessible to us non-medical-degree-havin' commonfolks

(just my random thoughts)

Unknown said...

Yeah I feel you, that makes sense.

Prolificsis said...

I am in the final stage of completing medical school. I must tell you, the amount of paper work and record keeping is overwhelming and down right ridiculous. There is soooo much handwriting and signing of your name you just get writers cramp and want to smear anything down. Well, I have worked hard not to let my writing get to this stage; although my writing wasn't too great to begin with. Also as a black medical student, they,don't let me get sloppy. You know we got to out perform our white counterparts just to be considered competent. I must also add that medical professionals need to have strong love for what is real and human in order to guard their hearts against the dehumanizing nature of the beast-the whole business of medicine. I have worked very hard to keep my heart and mind soft, pliable, and compassionate for those who I care for. I have worked hard and suffered real consequences to maintain this mindset of seeing every patient as an extension of me, connected. So the restoration to wholeness of each patient is vital to my own wholeness. My heart hurts when I see needless suffering. I am really concerned about how I will be once I complete residency. So I pray often and depend on the Creator to give me compassion, wisdom and stamina. Most doctors are simply very insecure people, not loving themselves enough, which deprives them of real ability to care for others. Moreover, they are overwhelmed by the whole business of medicine. So they hide behind these cocky attitudes, master scientific form instead of knowledge, never soliciting the "Higher Power" to give them the ability to deal with all the crap. So, the result is medical inaccessibility to the "common folks", who are the very folks the system is created for and is sustained by. I hope that answers you question. Oh, if you can't read our writing, or understand what's going on, demand clarity. If your doctor refuses, find a doctor who will give you that clarity. After all, your health depends on your doctor's willingness to partner with you, not the other way around!