Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Spirit of Laughter

Peace and blessings,

I thought I would share these videos with you because they are pretty funny.

The first one is about the comic Michael Jr.'s experience jogging one night:

The second clip (comedian Tim Hawkins) is about what would happen if major corporations high-jacked some worship songs:

The third clip (Tim Hawkins) is about holding hands in church:

The final clip (Tim Hawkins) is about our food prayers:

What do you think? Funny? Not really? So-so? Take care, stay blessed and speekonit...


TruEngineer said...

not bad, not bad at all. I think the first two and the last one was pretty good. The first one was hit on a sensitive topic but it was hilarious.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I thought that the comic did a good job of making it funny. if that story was true, I wonder what he was actually thinking at the moment she sped up.

TruEngineer said...

If you go to www.radioblogclub.com and type in "i found a reason" and four or more songs from cat power should appear. At least one of those should work. Let me know if they don't. Also, this song was played when Evey Hammond had decided to leave after undergoing his "special" training. He (V) tries to get her to stay and dance which is why I think this song fits so well. Nonetheless, enjoy and let me know if it doesn't work.