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Where's the National Attention and Response?: The Case of Dunbar Village, pt. 2

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Last week, I included an article on the incident in Dunbar Village, a housing development in Florida. The argument made at
  • What About Our Daughters
  • was that given the other incidents involving criminal acts and/or the lack of justice that have received consistent, national attention, the Dunbar Village incident should have received much more coverage and elicited much more reaction from the nation's leaders than it has. Now by "attention" I don't mean we should be bombarded with the incident constantly. I am referring to attention in a more moral sense, as a reminder of how bad we can treat one another if we are not constantly guarding our mind and spirit. On a personal note, I think this argument is valid because it seemed like since the initial article in which I heard about this horrific event months ago, I haven't really heard much more on the issue. For one, no one should have to experience what that woman and her son experienced. I will continue to keep them in my prayers and pray that God restores their life two-fold. I equally pray for the young men who committed this crime, because the nature of this act is proof of the spiritual warfare that exists, and we must constantly guard ourselves. I pray that they seek Christ, receive forgiveness, forgive themselves, and transform their lives according to His will (Romans 12:2).

    Hearing things like this truly hurts my heart. One cannot read about this incident and not feel for the victims. The more I think about it, the more I am perplexed as to why there is not more of a national response on behalf of leaders to not only bring closure to this issue and to do what's needed to help out the victims in any way possible, but also to make sure that we as a nation, as people, are more careful about how we treat each other, and more aware of our need to pray for and look out for each other. In a nutshell, this should not have happened. Below are a few articles on the incident. Even in writing this post I am late and behind in terms of the most recent updates, so I'll make sure to provide updates as I find them. Let me know your thoughts on the issue. Take care and speekonit...

  • Info center for the Dunbar Village Incident

  • 2)
  • Family discusses details of the event

  • 3)
  • Pharmacy donates medicine to the mother and her son

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