Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Where's the National Attention and Response?: The Case of Dunbar Village, pt. 1

Peace and blessings,

With all of the attention given to Jena 6 and the influence of hip-hop on the youth, you would think that we as a nation would have hightened senses to ALL immoral and heinous acts which threaten the human condition. Unfortately I was wrong. As someone who is always on the internet and checking e-mail (and therefore always coming across national news headlines), I don't understand why I am just hearing about this issue. Now a couple of months back I read an article on a woman who was raped and her child watched, but I'm not sure if this is the same incident. The point is that this issue needs to get more attention. Big props to
  • What About Our Daughters.
  • for working to put this issue in the forefront of America's consciousness. Here is
  • an update on the situation,
  • and below is a video tralier about the incident at Dunbar Village and the lack of response from national figures and organizations. More on this issue is coming shortly. More info on this issue, as well as how to get involved, can be found at
  • What About Our Daughters.

  • In the meantime, stay blessed, encouraged, and make sure to keep the victims, the suspects, and the situation in prayer. Share your thoughts and speekonit...

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