Monday, October 15, 2007

Technology and Society, pt. 2

Peace and blessings,

In light of pt. 1 of this topic, I wanted to let you know about some alternative technological websites that provide alternatives to Youtube and Myspace. As mentioned in pt. 1, I don't have anything against Youtube and Myspace in themselves, as I use both of them. I just wanted to put people on to a couple of other sites that are more Christ-focused. The first is
  • GodTube,
  • which is clear in the name is like a Christian Youtube. The other site is
  • Cool Christian Friends,
  • which is like Myspace. Below are four videos put together by the
  • Community Christian Church
  • in Naperville, IL, which are parodies to the MAC/IBM commercials. I like the concept behind these videos. The first one deals with clothing conventions, the second deals with "advertising" Christ, the third deals with music, and the forth with the holy spirit.

    What do you think of these videos? Of
  • GodTube
  • and
  • Cool Christian Friends?
  • Have a blessed week and speekonit...

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