Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jena 6 Updates

Peace and blessings,

First off, I wanted to say thanks to those who have sent me updates and information regarding the case. Please continue to do so as this case unfolds. Below are some links to some articles that provide some updates on the case, as well as offer some different perspectives in which to view the situation. Although I did not include the article, the courts ruled that Mychal Bell's case is to be decided in Juvenile court. I am particularly interested in people's reactions to the last article, and context in which the DA brings Jesus Christ into the picture. Do you agree with the DA, with the Minister who somewhat disagreed with the DA's statement, or both? Take care, God bless, and speekonit...

  • A stranger reaches out to Mychal Bell and his family
  • by posting his bail.

  • How remnants of the Jim Crow era are still alive
  • and coming after the youth.

  • A critical look at the 9/21 protests in Jena
  • and the complex ways in which racism has and continues to plague Jena, and thus America as a whole.

  • A detailed summary of the Jena 6 case.

  • 5)
  • The Congressional Black Caucus gets involved.

  • 6) DA who prosecuted the Jena 6 says that
  • the protests in Jena were safe and peaceful because of the 'Lord Jesus Christ.'

    deepthinker said...

    First of all, let me start by saying that the Jena 6 is such an unfortunate event....definitely for the people that are directly involved, but also for the USA herself. I believe in patriotism and loyalty to my country, because I can't thnk of any other country that would allow me to live my life as I live it today....but events such as the Jena 6 makes me question my loyalty to my country. I struggle to believe in the principle of "liberty and justice for all". Truth be told I can't say anything I please or go anywhere i want and call it "my rights". Don't understand? Get this: I went into an upscle store in the mall one day looking for clothing. The lady working there greeted me and asked me if I needed help finding anything. I told her no...that I was just looking. Well, obviously she must have felt as if I really did need her help because she followed me, about five foot behind, around that entire store. She would occasionally lean against a clothing rack as if she was just standing there. Enraged, I looked back at her, and left the store. Why can't I go into an upscale store without someone following me around with thoughts of me stealing out of their store? I don't know if this country will ever reach a level of ultimate liberty and justice. Maybe it's her past that keeps her from making a complete progressive revolution. What do you think?

    Unknown said...

    Deep Thinker,

    first off I want to thank you for continuing to support the blog. I have had a similar experience in a shoe store, and to answer your question, I think it has a lot to do with this country's past. There were alot of evil things that contributed to the "finding" and establishing of this country, things I don't think we as a country ( although important, only taking a couple of college courses on the "true" history of the United States will not suffice) have come to terms with. We still tend to have this nostalgic view of these brave explorers and freedom fighters who laid the foundation for modern day U.S. Patriotism. Until we truly admit how evil this country's past is, only then can we begin to remove the many demons that haunt the country today, in the form of racism, class divisions, hate crimes, etc....Take slavery for example. I think that a main reason why racism still exists is because as a country, we have not collectively come to terms with all of the horrible, deceitful, and inhumane things that occured during and because of slavery. If the powers that be truly ackowledge these things, then they can work towards eliminating racism. Any thoughts?