Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hip - Hop News Updates

Peace and blessings,

The following are a couple of updates on the national debate that has continued to escalate since the Imus and Oprah show incidents. The first update is about the recently established program and congressional hearing that are
  • bringing issues in hip-hop to the forefront,
  • and the other is about
  • David Banner testifying at the congressional hearing.
  • As these issues are getting more national attention, and dialogue is taking place between people of all arenas who are concerned with the state of hip-hop and its effects on the youth, I think it is important to keep in mind two issues that are at the heart of this debate. One issue has to do with the structural inequalitites that are at the foundation of this country's existence, and account for much of the reason why many hip-hop artists rap about the things that they do, and the way that they do it. The other issue has to do with the fact that we are all social beings, and as a result we are constantly influencing (e.g. either encouraging or discouraging) each other in a variety of ways. I think that addressing the lyrics, themes, and images portrayed in hip-hip first and foremost requires all of us to reconcile these two things.

    Feel free to share your thoughts. Take care, God bless, and speekonit...

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