Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heavy Rotation: Christian Hip-Hop in 2007

Peace and blessings,

I must say that 2007 has been a great year. Not just because biblically "7" represents the year of completion and freedom (i.e. the year of Jubilee), but also because of the abundance of lyrically and musically solid Christian hip-hop that has came out this year. Although I'm sure there is a ton of good Christian hip-hop that has come out this year (check the website links in the "Holy Hip Hop Resources" section to find out for yourself), I can only speak on the albums that I have personally copped and listened to. Therefore, below are five albums that have been released in 2007, each accompanied by a lyrical quote from the album. A couple of these quotes, as well as the reviews to these albums (which can also be found in the HHH Resources section), are courtesy of
  • Rapzilla,
  • and excellent site for all things Christian Hip Hop. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of these albums that you may have. Until next time, stay blessed and speekonit...

    1) "Open Book" by Da Truth

    From the song "Star Struck:"

    "No, He’s not common at all/ All eyes on Him/Hold your jewels, we gotta priceless gem/Who else can pay the price for sin/ Nobody, and build a whole body/Like a private gym/ Nobody, nobody but Him/He’s Superman but godly, embodied in Clark Kent/ yeah, He came to save the day/ Why would you trade Him to play/ In a crooked world that is fading away?/ Candy paint and wood grain decay, ok?"

    2) "HIStory: Our Place in His Story" by Cross Movement

    From the song "Spare Change:"

    "We lost Truth in this period/and proof is so mysterious/losing absolutes is so serious/how we think we gon' live when everything's relative/is anybody curious?//without a standard of Truth society's deranged/that's why I'm up in your ear begging for change."

    3) "13 Letters" by 116 Click

    From the song "Evolution:"

    "I was a slave to the night life, sex and the chronic/the unki-jerk(?), mad dog, gin and tonic/then God pulled my heart strings, yeah He's harmonic/now i'm gonna live forever I'm bionic/put death in a joke hold and slammed it like onyx/so we can slam dance in heaven it's ironic/after years of research these scientists couldn't figure/how I acted like an ape but evolved from a sinner"

    4) "Our World Fallen" by Flame

    From the song "Call Him:"

    "Let's take a look at the fall man/the One who came down, put His foot on the raw land/gotta question 'do you know who you are man?'/or do you assume that you can do what the Lord can?/I know it's hard fam, trying to live life/lookin' to the left and nobody is livin' right/lookin' to the right everybody is livin' wrong/like we livin' in a movie and doin' it to a song/are your influences throwin' you a zone?/influencin' you to want to do what you're most prone/you Christ He left His heavenly home/not just that, He left his heavenly throne/just to bring Ebony home/or whatever your name is/He definately claims His/plus exhanges filth to anguish/guilt and pain/and makes us stainless"

    5) "The Process of Illumination and Elimination" by Everyday Process

    From the song "Holla at Me:"

    " I guess to say that the Rock's in the building/2000 years flawless He's still rockin' His children/A monument like Plymoth Rock for His Pilgrims/In fact, the impact has got me rocked for a million/Strict life and I don't play in the streets/strict diet, I stay away from the sweets/excuse me kid if he don't eat the king's meat/I'm on my Shadrach tell them boys go 'head bring heat"


    Anonymous said...

    good choices!

    you should also check out Jahaziel, Ready To Live, it's London's answer to 116 and Lecrae.

    Anonymous said...

    All those are awesome choices! But true enough there are a lot of Holy Hip Hop ministers out there reppin' the Jesus. I came across a group called Tru Saints out of Virginia on Youtube. Check them out when you get a chance