Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Christian Hip-Hop Gems

Peace and blessings,

Below are a couple of recent gems to check out. The first is the music video "Who Am I?" by DA Truth featuring Tye Tribbett. The song emphasizes the importance of having all aspects of one's identity grounded in Christ, so that the legacy one leaves behind is one of inspiration and not denigration. It raises the ever-important question that personally I know I need to reflect on more often: "What type of person am I, and how do I want to be remembered?"

The next video is a promo for the group "Everyday Process." Some brothers put me on to them while I was in Chicago last week, and they are continuing to grow on my. They have that grimy, Philly/New York flow, which is right up my alley. The group's name represents the struggles and experiences that we as Christians go through everyday in our walk with God.

Any thoughts? Weigh in and speekonit...


Shanessence said...

Thanks for exposing us, Thoughtz. I really like the group name, Everyday Process, and Da Truth's "Who am I? is a nice, fun song that packs a hard punch lyrically. There. I spoke on it. LOL...

Anonymous said...

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