Monday, April 23, 2007

Featured Artist:Soul Plasma

Peace and blessings,

"...From the cotton fields/to lashes on our back/and before that/we still here forever/proving that we strong black/The Sanhedrin council's been brought back/and what that means/is the end is even closer than it seems/Christ reigns supreme through the heart of a king/I pump life through these streams/of these dark streets/But salvation/is a choice not a mandate/but it will/in the end choose a man's place/So when I stand at the throne of the Almighty/All I'll have is the blood and my cause for life."

The featured artist this week is Soul Plasma. These tracks are taken from his album, "The Soul effect." Now let's get into business...

This is the opening track called "Intro/the rise."

The next track is my favorite on the album and it's called "Survive" Ft. Toni Hill. It has a social critique feel with an aoura reminiscent of the Black Power movement.

This track is called "My Freedom" and it features ft. L-Pro and Eurban Truth. The song is dope, and is accentuated by the track's opening poem.

This is the "Outro/cause for life" and this would be my favorite track on the album, except for the fact that it's not a full song.

What you think? Weigh in and speekonit...

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