Friday, January 26, 2007

Verse of the Day: J-Kwest

"The flow been since puberty hit/but back then I was spittinwhat to do to be rich/then God said 'J, you can do for Me this'/'teach them how to gain'/It's my duty in this/Here game that I don't play in/Where lives dyin/chalk lines gettin drawn like preschool games/Outline baby mommas named Cherise who made/her bed lying with a man in the 13th grade/thing is she was barely pushing 13 age/exchanged gifts/no money so they switched out rings/right before he moved on yo he gave her his AIDS/generous, the same day he dontated a baby/and, man the pain don't stop when she dies/cuz we live in the city where the rain don't stop/on the stoop everyday with the same drip drop/stay dry with my Kangol and real hip-hop/but, we still listening to R&B/wondering who we ARE/who be trying to BE/meanwhile the flow ARE/who we dying to BE/she ARE a black queen and a king he BE/"

Track 2 of the "Are and Be" album

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