Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Verse of the Day: Dre Murray

" Yo this track is cooked up like some grits/and you know that the verbs that I spit/got you looking at my words with a squint/but this hear is heaven sent/no credit taken/dog they checked the tomb and it was vacant/that vision right there/man it got my feet shakin/got my hands clappin/the reason that i'm rappin?/Why I go back to the hood and dudes' cappin?/man you changed/They be like 'what happened?'/I got hooked up with Christ ya dig/changed my whole life and i'm glad he did/didn't have a dad/now i'm his kid/didn't have a wife but he found my rib/I feel like a superstar/forget a house on 'cribs'/He got a mansion with space/dog and I got dibs/I was rowdy for the world/but now i'm His/dead to the world/but now I live"

-Dre Murray
From the track "Gettin Rowdy" from "Best of
the submissions V.1"

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