Monday, January 22, 2007

Rhyme, Reason, and Revolution

Peace and blessings,

I pray everyone had a safe, blessed, and productive weekend. Below are a couple of links about rappers who are contributing to righteous causes domestically as well as internationally. Ahh, the power of the voice...

The first link is about rappers in the Bay Area, California who are tryiing to raise awareness of the struggling schools in the Bay Area, as well to raise money to improve those schoools. One of the rappers, Kontac, is also a teacher at a school in East Palo Alto.

On a similar note, 20 or so rappers are coming together for a "Save Darfur Tour," aimed at raising awareness of the past and current genocide going on in Sudan, and the plight of its refugees. Peep the website below for more info.

Man, could you imagine a concert in the likes of like a summer jam, but whose sole purpose was to raise awareness about and pull resources together to address domestic and international injustices? Call me an idealist, but a pray that the actualization of such a vision is on that rear-view mirror steez: It may be closer than it appears! What do you think? Speekonit...

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