Friday, January 05, 2007

Media With a Meaning

Peace and blessings,

Below are a couple of videos that I think convey important messages. The first is called "when a gun draws" by Pharoah Monch, and talks about the consequences of guns, from the perspective of the bullet. I think it provides a powerful counter-narrative to the over-saturation of violence that is promoted in movies and music videos. Although i may sound corny for saying this, but a minor warning that this video contains explicit language and content, lol.

The second video is of Common's "I have a dream." It is off the soundtrack of the movie "Freedom Writers," which opens today. The trailer for the movie is also below. The video and message is dope for a couple of reasons. One is the emphasis it gives on writing as an avenue for personal and social change. Two, anything inspired by MLK deserves notariety. Enjoy, take care, and speekonit...

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