Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Holy Hip-Hop Awards '07: A Little Taste of Heaven Pt. 2

Peace and blessings,

In the first part of my recap of the awards show I only discussed the happenings in the lobby prior to me actually entering the awards show. Here is my recap of the rest of the evening.

Awards Show: Unlike other music awards shows, the artists did not receive awards based on how many records they sell, or their popularity. In fact, there was a t-shirt being advertised by one of the vendors that read "It's not about the money," and on the back it read "Ministry or Industry?" Instead, artists were honored for the type of ministry their music aims at, their ministry work in their local churches and communities, and so forth. In between the various awards, artists from around the country and the world took the stage for God-filled performances. Japhia Life, who also received an award, performed the hit "We Cry Blood" off of his album "Fountain of Life." During his reception of the award, he spit what I think is one of his illest verses acapella. For album info, peep the holy hip-hop resources. Other notable hip-hop performances include Sean Slaughter and Mona J., The Army of God, and Mr. Del and the crew (not sure if the crew members had a name). One of the tightest performances of the night came from "Real Talk," a hip-hop dance group from Norway.

The Lobby Reloaded: After I left the awards show, I went back into the lobby (the venue was set-up to where people could go in and out of the awards show). This is where the event got crackin' on a whole new level. There was a DJ and turn tables in the middle of the lobby, and they allowed for those in the lobby to engage in some hip-hop of their own. First they had an artist showcase, where up and coming artists had the opportunity to perform a song or two and pass out demo cds to those in the lobby. Most notably was the group who performed a song about women strip, encouraging them to get out of that lifestyle, and to start seeing themselves they way God sees them. After the artist showcase, the DJ opened it up for anyone who wanted to spit a verse or freestyle in the cypha. It was beautiful to see a variety of folks ranging from upcoming artists to female hip-hop pioneers (I forgot the woman's name, but they said she used to battle Roxanne Shante back in the day) to little kids dropping a line and repping for Christ.

Overall, the holy hip-hop awards gave me a glimpse of what can happen when God is lifted up through artistic expression. Another thing that I noticed at the event that I have not seen at other hip-hop events I've attended is the different age groups that were present. There were whole families who attended the awards show (parents and children). I've already decided that I will be in attendance next year (I think it's always held in Atlanta), and hopefully I can attend some of the holy hip-hop events earlier during the week (the awards show is only one event among the many holy hip-hop events held during the week). Until next time, speekonit...

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