Thursday, January 18, 2007

Featured Artists: Japhia Life, Rob Hodge, T.K., and S.O.G.

Peace and blessings,


If so, then I've here are a few tracks to curb your musical appetite. The first two tracks are from Japhia Life. Unfortunately, these tracks aren't on any of his albums ("Pages of Life," "Hell's Diary," and "Fountain of Life,"). The first track is entitled "I wanna go," and is heartfelt song about the pain that is present when lives are lost, and the faith that one day we will see them again in heaven. It is truly a beautiful song, and it's liable to put tears in your eyes. The second track is a freestyle he did to "Diamonds from Sierra Leone." To say it's sick would be an understatement. You may experience some difficulty listening to it, as it may stop at times. Hopefully it doesn't though, because the world needs to hear it!

The next two tracks are from affiliates of Japhia Life. The first track is called "most hated," and it is on Rob Hodge's album entitled "Born King." It features Rob Hodge, Japhia Life, S.O.G., and T.K. (Tru Knowledge). My favorite type of hip-hip songs are "posse cuts," where 3 or more MCees just spit of a hot beat, sometimes even without a hook. This is one of my favorite posse cuts of all time (and believe me, I do have plenty). The last track is entitled "Face-off," and it features everyone I just named with the exception of T.K. Enjoy, eat up, and speekonit...


Anonymous said...

those are from my actual happy songs i posted are being shared..god bless

Unknown said...

Good looking out on posting these tracks. This music needs to be heard. Thanks for the love.