Friday, December 08, 2006

A few updates (More to come soon)

Peace and blessings,

I apologize for not giving the page much attention this past week or so, but what can I say? It's finals time. Once the storm is weathered next week, I will be back on my hustle. Until then, here are a couple of treats for you to enjoy. A great friend of mine sent me info on documentary directed by African American teenage girl, and it's about how black women view themselves. The film is entitled "A Girl Like Me." Also, I included a video on a study that was conducted either in 1968 called "eye of the storm." If you haven't seen it, I won't spoil it for you by telling you what it's about. Just check it out. I think the study relates to the documentary because the documentary includes the famous doll study, in which children were told to indicate their preferences as to which doll they liked, the black or the white doll. Let me know what you think of these videos, as they raise important questions about how perceptive and malleable young children and adolescents are, and what happens when they are "taught" to devalue themselves and others. Have a blessed weekend and speekonit...


Anonymous said...

This clip about the teenage girls doing a documentary is so sad; especially the part with the dolls, when the children preffered the white doll because it was "white". That's really sad. I wonder what the society is teaching them. Children at such a young age shouldn't prefer a "white doll" over a doll that happens to be the same skin color as them. And whether they know it or not, these children are indirectly saying that being white is better than being Black; which means they don't like themselves at such a young age.


Anonymous said...

You also need to delete the comment from "Is this what it took?" blog. You're getting spam comment. You need to pray against it and rebuke it. lol