Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Is this what it took?

Peace and blessings,

It appears that Paul Mooney (comedian who was the "ask a black man" guy on the Dave Chapelle show and the father of Damon Wayans' character in Bamboozled), decided to no longer use the "N" word and the "B" word. He says that watching Michael Richards use the word the way he did "scared" him, prompting him to critically look at the word's impact. Growing up I struggled with using the "N" word, seeing how on one in it could make me feel so included yet devalued at the same time. I eventually decided to do away with the word. I did so because even though it can be used as a term of endearment, acceptance, or whatever, changing the usage of the word does totally do away with the nature in which the word was formed and used. I also feel that any word that I have to think about using only in certain contexts is a word that should not come out of my mouth in the first place. I guess being called a "nigger" by someone I considered a close friend can do that to you, lol. I pray that all people seriously decide to stop using both the "N" and the "B" words. Although the focus of Paul Mooney's decision will probably focus on the "N" word, I think it is equally laudible that he decided to do away with the "B" word as well. Although i'm disappointed that it took the Michael Richards incident for a prominent entertainer to decide to stop using those words, better late than never. A link to the article is provided at the bottom. Until next time, speekonit...