Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An update on the Duke Lacrosse situation

Peace and blessings,

In April, I posted a piece on the implications of the Duke Lacrosse situation, namely the rape allegations and the defense's attempt to discredit the female. In that piece, I did not express my views on if I think the girl was raped or not, but instead I suggested ways in which the fact that she was an African American woman and stripper, may relate to the "black-woman-as-sexual-deviant" stereotype. I still don't think I'm well-informed enough about the situation to argue that the defendants are innocent or guilty. Anyhow, here is a recent interview with one of the accused Lacrosse players, and a friend/co-worker of the accuser. I think you can peep the entire interview on "60 minutes" this week, or on CBS' website. Take care and speekonit...

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