Tuesday, September 26, 2006

What has changed?

Peace and blessings,

I was speaking to some folks today, and we were commenting on tonight's NFL football game. We were discussing how there is alot of talk about the superdome reopening, which is a tremendous blessing. However, we were disturbed by the fact that in many of the areas that were severely hit by Katrina, especially the "poorer" neighborhoods, little to nothing has been done, nor have the levees been repaired. In light of this, I decided to post Kanye Wests' comment about the inequalitites that were heightened during Katrina, not to point the blame at or to "crap" on Bush, but to remind us that the moral let down that the victims faced and continue to face at the hands of the "Havs" (as opposed to the "Have-nots") demonstrates, if nothing else, that we can never get complacent when it comes to making sure we value the quality of EVERYONE's life, and that we are morally obligated to address these and other forms of systemic inequality. Speekonit...

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Anonymous said...

Wow. I have heard talks about Kanye's comment, but I haven't actually seen the video. A lot of the things he said were true though. And also, apart from the fact that the response was slower because most of the people affected were black, Louisiana also is a very poor state. If this were to happen in New York or in some other rich state, the response to help would have been faster.

However, people really need to go down to New Orleans to see for themselves. The place that got damaged the most by Hurricane Katrina is the "Lower 9th Ward". The "Lower 9th Ward" is where most of the poor black people lived. It was devastating to see all those damages, because these people had nothing to begin with. And the little they had was taken from them.

This coming spring break, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship is having the Katrina Relief Plunge again. People could volunteer to help out in New Orleans.