Friday, March 10, 2006

Paying Homage to our Fallen Soldiers...

Peace and Blessings,

Lately, a friend and I have been talking about all of the people who've passed in 2005 and in the first quarter of 2006. With Gordon Parks, an African American pioneer in film and photography (see link) passing earlier this week, he joins an honorable group of individuals and freedom-fighters. Richard Pryor, Ossie Davis, Corretta King, and Rosa Parks are just a few of the individuals whose legacy will be forever felt. In addition to reflecting on the lives of those who came before us, we've also been asking oursleves a semi-selfish, yet undeniably relevant question: "Now that many of our soldiers are gone, what are WE going to do to honor their names and the causes that they dedicated their lives towards achieving?" It is commonplace to honor individuals through memorials and grave visitations (of which I am in no way criticizing or devaluing). I believe that there also comes a time, however, when we must honor those who came before us by our actions. Although I like the New Testament(NT) much more than the Old Testament (OT) , one thing that fascinates me about the OT is the heavy emphasis on the mentor-mentee relationship. Whether it's Moses - Joshua, Samuel - Saul, or Elijah - Elisha, the OT gives importance to leaders raising leaders. This dynamic was also evident within early churches (although women were unfairly denied participation in such dynamics) and religious institutions (Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X in the NOI, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, etc...) during the civil rights movements, which is the era through which many of the fallen soldiers discussed above lived and contributed.

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  • Although our soliders may not have physically took our hands and showed us the ropes in terms of imparting us with lessons of wisdom and leadership, they did so by their actions and the lives they led. I pray that we'll be able to lead lives of leadership and righteousness so that the generations to follow will have a sort of "blueprint" through which to navigate through anything this world presents them with. Speekonit....

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