Thursday, February 16, 2006

On Katrina aid...

A few months ago I was reading an editorial on a hip hop website, and I gained a better understanding of the phrase "put your money where your mouth is." Now, this particular phrase doesn't even fully apply to the individual I am referring to because as long as I've followed his NBA career, he's never came off to me as someone who is "on a pedastal" because of his fame and fortune. The individual I am referring to is Kevin Garnett. I found out that to aid the Katrina victims, he has vowed to build one house per month for two years! It's amazing how God uses people to bless others. Although alot of major corporations "gave" money to help people after Katrina, I feel like to what extent are you "giving" if it's only to indciate the amount you give as a tax write-off later. Also, I felt like with the major contracting that went out to certain big name construction companies, while grass roots organizations and communities who traveled to New Orleans to offer their services were turned away, it begs the question of what does "help" entail in these type of situations? How can certain companies have a monoploy on the type of aid that can be applied towards the rebuilding of the New Orelans community? In my opinion, Kevin Garnett's vow is not out of financial (tax-break incentives) or political reasons (I think Tommy Hilfiger's appearance on BET's "save oursleves" telethon was very political, but that's another issue), but it was from the heart. For one, he's using his resources to building homes for people at a time when Katrina victims are now being evicted from the hotels they've been staying. Where are these people going to go? I know much more needs to be done, and I pray that God puts it on all of hearts to be more compassionate towards those in need. Even if we can't physically or financially contribute at the moment, we can definately pray. There's indeed power in prayer, and moreso when many people are praying about the same issue. I've literally prayed for something in the morning and received it later than afternoon. Lastly, let's not forget that no one gets to where they are at by themselves! We're either products of people looking out for us (whether we realize it or not), people praying for us, or both (which is probably the case). Peace, blessings, and let's remember to pray for ur brothers and sisters here and abroad who lack the very things we take for granted...speekonit

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